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Generation 6--Part 2

Rhymer transitioned from an insane toddler to an equally insane child.

Her philosophy on clothing is that if it isn't pink and ruffled or covered in bows, she isn't going to wear it.

Drew had a birthday as well. The fact that he's an elder while his kids are still so small is a testament to how long it took to convince Erin to marry him. XD

I just like this picture because he changed into his swimsuit to fix the washer.

Erin was working hard doing martial arts.

That is, if you can call mediation "working hard."

Quinn had a birthday. He's such a sweetie.

He took ballet lessons after school and always rushed home to show his new moves to his mom.

Oh, Drew, you're so embarrassing.

Rhymer become a teen and I fell head-over-heels in love with her.

She's really strange though. Not much of a scholar either.

Rhymer, no!

She was really good about playing with her little brother though. Here they are playing hopscotch together.

She did this while she was waiting for her turn. I don't even know...

Predictably, she dressed totally inappropriately for prom and brought her IF with her.

Quinn became a teen. <3

Erin and Drew won a free vacation, and so after an afternoon of quickly finishing homework and befriending neighborhood raccoons, the kids threw a party.

Oops, cops showed up.

Rhymer left a few surprises around the house for when her parents returned.

Quinn got an after-school job at the spa. For some reason it's a popular hangout for vampires...all of whom appear to be friends with Rhymer. I'm not sure what's going on there.

I didn't have much luck with getting the kids to date any of their classmates. Quinn had one date with this guy who decided that maybe he wasn't so interested in men after all.

Rhymer followed him to spy from a distance but got distracted by her uncle Aaron who had some fitness woes to share.

As far as I know he's still working as a scientist. He does live with a girlfriend though which is nice.

Dorky sibling photo shoot.

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