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Generation 6--Part 6

Erin's love for laundry earned her a...bear gnome thing. Of all the reasons to get a gnome...

Bryant started a career as an inventor. This basically means he spends most of his time digging through the garbage.

Drew used his second chance at life to work on his orchard. It turned out that Bryant had some gardening skills too, so that was nice.

And Quinn was uh, spending some time with Randell.

Rhymer and Bryant took a quick honeymoon to France. Rhymer apparently didn't think pants were necessary for the trip there.

So they did some time exploring and some time just hanging out in their room.

And some more time...exploring.

Rhymer decided to give nectar making a try.

Bryant gathered the fruit while she squashed it up.

And it worked well until the moon rose.

So Rhymer did what any wife would do in her situation. XD

Oh Bryant, what are we going to do with you?

They came home the next day just in time to find the back porch in flames.

There was no one anywhere near the grill, so I have no idea how it started, but I have my suspicions.

I decided it was time let Quinn live his own life at last, so I had one last sibling photo shoot.

And then one of the newlyweds.

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