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Generation 6--Part 5

Seasons arrived in Legacy Valley and I began to spend half my game time staring at the sky. Here are a few pics from a rainy morning.

But all the joy of a summer rainfall came to a screeching halt.

Oh wait. Just kidding.

Not funny, Drew.

Quinn got a response to his love letter to Randell, and it looked like his perseverance paid off. Yowza.

Their discovery of their shared love for family sealed the deal.

Success! /happy dance

And with all that love in the air, Rhymer and Bryant decided to was time to tie the knot.

How nice of you to get dressed up for the occasion, father-of-the-bride.

95% of the guests were supernaturals. I can't decide if my whole town is being turned or if the Gasts just have really strange taste in friends.

Bryant should have known that marrying Rhymer would require a wedding fit for a Barbie doll. So much pink.

Gustavo was so touched.

Oh look, another werewolf (Rhymer's BFF funnily enough). And there's uncle Aaron in the background.

He spent the entire ceremony hovering over the buffet table.

And then it started to rain. Party animal, Bryant was outraged.

Rhymer grabbed a snow cone (they decided to skip wedding cake XD) and ran for shelter.

Did I mention that Gustavo was touched by the ceremony? I mean, he was really touched. Spent all night in the rain, clapping.

Three guesses who else stayed up all night.

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