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Generation 6--Part 4

Rhymer got a job as a ghost hunter.

Rhymer, that's no way to treat your customers/uncle.

Nothin' like a tall glass of plasma after a hard night's work.

Rhymer got to move into the master bedroom now that she's head of the household (scary thought).

She likes the new bed but sometimes it just feels good to sleep on a big slab or marble.

Bryant got over his initial shock over Rhymer's condition, and they started hanging out again. After I caught him making flirty phone calls with Erin, I decided it was time for Rhymer to make him commit to their relationship.

Erin is one hot mama apparently. She's always getting those attraction messages from random guys around town.

And speaking of hotties, Randell Greco, Quinn's best friend and long-time crush (we just haven't been able to convince him that he likes men, lol) was one of many guests at Quinn's birthday party.

Hold up, buddy, no asking him for coffee yet. You have some aging up to do.

This cutie... <3

He still looks like such a baby. :'D

Gustavo was at the party because Gustavo is everywhere. Who needs birthday cake?! Plasma juice is where it's at!

In other news, Erin reached her LTW. She's a beast.

And Drew is slowly destroying the house in true mad-scientist fashion.

Quinn got a job as a teacher. He still writes sonnets to Randell in his free time.

I can't bring myself to move him out of the house just yet. I love him too much.

And the unicorn continues to be a frequent visitor to the park across the street. One of these days I shall win him over....

Oh Rhymer...

She's been doing great with this whole dating thing.

She decided to try out swimming in the ocean while Bryant sat on the shore and watched. She looked pretty creepy to me.

For another date, Rhymer invited Bryant to meet her at the cemetery. She had a question she wanted to ask him, and I'm sure she thought the choice of location was symbolic or something.

He brought her flowers. :D

And then I realized something was....different. 8|

Rhymer was determined though. True love can overcome thousands of years of vampire-werewolf enmity, right?

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