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Generation 6--Part 3

Rhymer's teen years came to an end.

I made sure to throw the party at night so all her vampire friends could attend. XD

Still gorgeous!

Still crazy!

And this is the point where I got my new computer, and started playing full-screen again. Anyway, graduation day. That young man you see in the background is Bryant. They partied together a little bit in school. If you look at old pictures you'll recognize him by his ponytail which has mysteriously disappeared for graduation.

Rhymer bumped into him at a party the next day. Apparently he hadn't changed clothes since graduation. That didn't stop Rhymer from flirting with him though. She was quite successful.

Unfortunately she was also quite successful with another one of her persuits--getting her vampire BFF, Gustavo to bite her.

He's kind of creepy. And like, four times her age.

Erin Gast was fairly clueless to her daughter's adventures.

She was busy getting pretty darn awesome at martial arts.

And getting old.

The first full moon arrived over the Legacy house.

Rhymer (who was starting to suspect that Gustavo had lied to her) was feeling kind of anxious about it.

I told her to relax and take a nice, hot bath....just....not like that.

Quinn wasn't nervous at all about the moon--probably because he isn't a crazy person like his sister. Anyway, he was able to calm her nerves a bit and convince her to hang out with him on the playground in their backyard. And that's when they saw a beautiful light shining down over the park across the street.

So they crept into the bushes and found a unicorn! My first time seeing one actually!

And of course just watching wasn't enough for Rhymer.

So that is the story of how Rhymer Gast fed a unicorn under the full moon.

And the very next night, right before Bryant was supposed to arrive for their first date, it happened.

Didn't slow down the lovebirds though.

Er, at least, it didn't slow them down until Rhymer pointed out the fact that she was now, in fact, a vampire.

He wasn't really okay with that. But it's alright, Rhymer, get some rest. Tomorrow we'll try again.

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