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Generation 6--Part 1

Aah, wedding day arrived for Drew and Erin, and oh, what a mess it turned out to be.

She arrived smelling funky and wearing a black dress that looked a bit like a nightgown.

I tried to give her a little makeover and things got even worse!

She was pretty upset after that, so she went home, and no number of phone calls from Drew could bring her back that afternoon.

But in the evening, after a thorough shower and a shopping trip, Erin returned looking absolutely stunning.

I added a few lights to the backyard, and the we were back in business.

Erin moved in with her cat Twink.

The couple went on a quick honeymoon in Egypt.

They arrived home to sad news. Noel passed away.

But you know how these things work. Another life was just beginning...

Poor Erin had to deal with Drew's midlife crisis during the pregnancy. Luckily, the worst to come out of it was some new sideburns.

Chelsea didn't make it to see the birth of her first grandchild either. This doesn't usually happen in my Legacy. It was pretty sad. :(

The baby arrived in the middle of the night. Erin calmly took the time to make the bed while Drew had a freak out. XD

I like her looking at him like, "Relax Drew. It's just labor," and him looking sheepish about it.

And here's the beautiful baby girl! They named her Rhymer.

Unfortunately, taking care of the baby didn't leave much time for socializing with Twink. I'm pretty embarrassed about this actually. Sorry kitty.

Rhymer inherited her dad's dark hair and her mom's waves. Not sure where the gray eyes come from though...

Erin got pregnant again, and I had to have her quit her teaching job. Unlike past generations, she didn't have her in-laws to help her with the kids.

Drew stayed home with Rhymer while Erin was at the hospital with their second child.

His name is Quinn.

Rhymer rolled the insane trait so having an imaginary friend was just perfect for her. It kept her out of trouble for hours while her mom took care of Quinn.

He also got his dad's black hair and a mysterious eye color. I will never be able to figure out the genetics in this game....

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