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Generation 5--Part 4

Every few generations I like to rebuild the Legacy home. I'm quite proud of how this one turned out.

Here are a few rooms.

A gym was an important addition because before everyone was working out in the entrance hall.

And the new master bedroom designed for Drew.

After all that building came Drew's search to find someone to share his new bedroom with. There were seriously no young ladies in the town, so I made a house of them. They bonded over scary stories.

The fact that he's a bit of a celebrity didn't hurt either.

Things appeared to be going best with this pretty freckled blond.

But he was rejected for a romantic sunset first kiss down on the beach.

The family was doing well. Chelsea became an elder and continued to provide excellent medical care to her neighbors.

Her relationship with Noel was also stronger than ever.

Aaron celebrated his birthday and successfully graduated.

He moved out shortly after this and got a job in the science field just like his brother.

Drew continued to try to win Erin over but with little success.

They did get to interact a little bit over these kittens that she wanted him to adopt though. XD

Drew was nearly ready to give up on her, so he threw a pool party with all of his new lady friends.

But by the end of the night, the one he was still interested in was Erin, and she was finally ready to accept him. He looks like he can't believe his luck.

It wasn't long before Drew proposed.

It wasn't the best proposal ever, but she did say yes.

And then I got to throw my first ever bachelor party.

Aaron was kind enough to give a speech and then drench his brother in champagne.

And it isn't a bachelor party until the groom falls asleep in some strange public place.

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