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Generation 5--Part 3

The day before prom, Drew invited his hopefully-soon-to-be-date over to the house to try to ask her out. Unfortunately, she had already grown into a young adult.

So there was no hope of finding a date in time and to make matters worse, before his guest even went home, his Drew had to take the blow of Roxanne's death.

Homework is the last thing you want to do after all that.

But with some encouragement from Aaron, the boys both headed off to the prom the next night. Coincidentally, their parents were called away on a free vacation a few hours before...

It was sort of a good night. Both boys got into fights, but Drew was crowned king!

They had a small party the next night while the parents were still gone, and while it was fairly mild, the boys still got grounded for it. They ended up having to sneak every time they left the house--even to school. Aaron discovered that he liked sneaking so much that we would do it forever even after he was done being grounded.

Noel became an elder not long after his return from vacation.

And Chelsea reached the top of her the medical track! Usually I have a hard time getting female Sims to reach their goals before they become elders because of maternity leave taking so darn long, so this was nice to see.

Aaron, who has always been a strange kid, went through a short rebellious phase. He skipped school one day to pick fights with strangers in the park.

He also dyed and cut his hair.

Not even Drew was safe.

And of course, there were pranks. Note Aaron sneaking in the background. XD

Drew's big birthday arrived and so his family threw him a party, complete with cake, a Gnubb game, and the girl who dumped him before prom!

It's just not a Sim party until someone sets down their cake and dies in the middle of it.

Here's Drew! This picture doesn't do him justice. He's super cute.

Graduation was the next day. He got some cool rewards.

And here's an overview of his traits. Genius was the one that he gained at his birthday. I thought it was really cute because his mom had been wanting him to become a genius for ages.

As a graduation gift (and because Noel had work to do there anyway), Drew and his dad headed to China.

It was a terribly uneventful trip. Drew didn't have much luck with the local ladies, and he didn't really complete any missions, but the sight seeing was fun and he collected some nice precious metals.

He also made an animal friend.

This is Lucy, the first pet to join the Gast household.

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