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Generation 5--Part 2

The Gasts had their hands full teaching Aaron everything a toddler needs to know.

Hopefully, Drew isn't teaching him anything mischievous.

When he wasn't teaching his brother the ways of the world, Drew spent a lot of his time playing in the back yard.

I bet none of the other little boys in the neighborhood have tree houses with views this nice.

His parents, er, enjoyed the house as well.

Aaron's birthday!

He's kind of a weird kid.

Drew's birthday came up pretty quickly, so he didn't really have a whole lot of time to play kid games with his brother. They had a pretty fun time playing make believe at his birthday party though.

He has the perfect royal wave.

Let's get a closer look at Noel there.

He is obsessed with playing in the sprinkler, so he is pretty much always in a swimsuit.

Here's the birthday boy! Pretty cute, huh?

I think his traits are friendly, athletic, shy, and workaholic.

I got to try out more Generations stuff, like learning to drive. Drew got to learn in his grandmother's cop car. XD

Field trips are a fun new thing too. What kind of souvenir do they give out at the mausoleum you ask?

Noel occasionally took a break from playing in the sprinkler to write a few books. Apparently he did it often enough to complete his LTW.

I just thought this was funny.

Brotherly bounding. <3

Children really don't stay children for long, huh?

Hehe, stretchy Sim.

I got a notice that prom was coming up soon, so started trying to look for a date for Drew. This party guest looked like she might be a good option. He's pretty shy and wasn't quite sure how to approach her though.

It's amazing what Sims can keep in their back pockets.

And at least, here's teen Aaron. He looks so much like Noel. I think his traits are neurotic, no sense of humor, never nude, and...uh, I forget.

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