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Generation 5--Part 1

Now, it's time to meet generation 5. This is Drew.

We may finally have a male heir.

As usual, his baby days were fairly uneventful. This is where things start to get exciting.

He has the same pretty purple eyes as his grandfather.

Maternity leave had just barely ended Chelsea found herself pregnant again.

Here we go again.

And this is Aaron. Two boys!

He's fat apparently.

Aaron was a quiet baby, so his parents could spend plenty of time teaching Drew.


And then Aaron became toddler.

Eventually maternity leave came to an end and Chelsea could go back to work. Her little blue scrubs are so cute.

Meanwhile, Noel was writing up a storm.

After the birth of his first two children, he decided to get a few tattoos to celebrate.

That's a sword on his arm, and a bunch of words on his back. I thought it suited a writer.

Drew had a birthday.

He's turning out to be pretty handsome.

I think his traits are Athletic, Workaholic, and uh, I forget the third. He also wears odd pajamas and sleeps in a fun loft bed.

And I don't think I've posted Chelsea and Noel's traits yet, so here we are.

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